Abandoned Locations

We have taken down our map for the time being as we don’t want to contribute to the vandalism of the precious places. If we can find a better solution to keep locations out of the hands of vandals we will put our map back online.

My Exploring Equipment: I will be only using GoPro camera gear from this point on while exploring and capturing this beautiful country of ours.

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  1. Randy Holland
    Randy Holland at |

    Good evening, Could you please tell me where I could get a map of locations of abandoned homes of Ontario. If possible can you send me the map that you have taken off your web site. I’m a photographer by hobby, not profession and I enjoy photographing these beauties when I find them. I’m a nature photographer but have recently fallen in love with these old beauties and the stories they tell. I also love to photograph old barns. I live in Leamington, Ontario and my phone # is ********** Many thanks, Randy Holland

  2. kevwroblewski
    kevwroblewski at |

    I loved going on random weekend adventures exploring with my girlfriend. It was something we both very much enjoyed doing. Too bad the map was taken down due to vandals! Hopefully a solution can be found to fix this issues. Thank you for all the good times and best of luck 🙂


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