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5 abandoned train stations



Here are some haunting abandoned train stations from all over the world. Being an urban explorer old and forgotten train yards are one of my favourite places to explore. Sometimes you hit a gold mine and there are allot of old train relics around even some abandoned steam locomotives. Here are 5 really cool lost and abandoned train stations.

#1 Michigan Central Depot, Detroit

1 - Michigan Central Depot, Detroit (1)

When the old Michigan Central Depot burned on December 26, 1913 the still unfinished Central Depot was called into service.

1 - Michigan Central Depot, Detroit (2)

The tower rising above was originally going to be a hotel, but was used for offices instead.

1 - Michigan Central Depot, Detroit (3)

The structure was never full used, even during the 1930’s when rail transportations was at its highest, the top 4 floors where never occupied.

1 - Michigan Central Depot, Detroit (4)

In the late 1980’s due to declining rail traffic it was decided to close the mammoth station.

1 - Michigan Central Depot, Detroit (5)

The last train left the station January 5 1998.

1 - Michigan Central Depot, Detroit (6)

It remains derelict and continues its slow decay.



#2 Buffalo Central Terminal

2 - Buffalo Central Terminal (4)

Work on this impressive station started in 1925.

2 - Buffalo Central Terminal (1)

The final train departed this glorious station in October 1979.

2 - Buffalo Central Terminal (2)

Several decades of neglect, allowed this gorgeous building to deteriorate.

2 - Buffalo Central Terminal (3)

Work has begun to restore and re-purpose this old train station.



#3  Tripoli Train Station, Lebanon

3 - Tripoli Train Station (1)

This station in Lebanon was opened in 1911.

3 - Tripoli Train Station (2)

The station was damaged by Germans during World War I.

3 - Tripoli Train Station (3)

It was abandon and left as it was, trains and all.

3 - Tripoli Train Station (4)

The old stream locomotives are slowly being eaten by rust.



#4 – Anhlater Bahnhof Station, Berlin

4 - Anhlater Bahnhof Station, Berlin (1)

Built in the mid 1800’s Anhlater Bahnhof Station was a massive Train station in Berlin.

4 - Anhlater Bahnhof Station, Berlin (2)

Bombed by the US and British during World War II it was mostly destroyed.

4 - Anhlater Bahnhof Station, Berlin (3)

All that remain today is a very small piece of the front entrance that was left as a memorial.



#5 Spa Road railway station, England

5 - Spa Road railway station (2)

This site has served as a train station since 1833.

5 - Spa Road railway station (1)

The station was closed in 1915 and fell into derelict condition.

5 - Spa Road railway station (3)

Today the old train station is mainly used for industrial purpose. Explorers can find evidence of its past life in the old boarding platform and ticket booth.


Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned Post Office / Customs House in Niagara Falls Ontario



This old beautiful abandoned building in Niagara falls was originally called the Dominion Public Building and was owned by the Government of Canada. Over the years it has also been known as “The Palace” and “The Stone Jug” but mainly today it is known as the old post office or the old police station. Built in 1885 for a cost of $30,000 it served originally as a post office (1885 – 1930) and customs house (1885 – 1952 second floor) and as a police station from 1952 to 1976. A furnace explosion in 1927 caused extensive damage and the post office was moved at this point. After repairs were made it operated solely as a customs house. The city purchased the old customs house and in 1952 converted it to a new police station that same year Marilyn Monroe filmed scenes for the movie Niagara in front and inside the old historic building. A fire in the late 70’s heavily damaged the inside of this old abandoned building in Niagara Falls and left it unusable. The old jail cells still remain inside. It is said a dark shadowy figure haunts this place and many claim to see him roaming the property. The building was designated a heritage property and there have been plans for the last few years to restore it, but to date it still lays abandoned and deteriorating.

The location of this old abandoned post office / customs house in Niagara Falls can be found on our abandoned places map.

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Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned Machine Shop Bervie Ontario



I came across this old and really decrepit building in the small community of bervie a few weeks back. There is a old rusted sign on the building that says Dore Machine Shop however I am guessing that the machine shop was later on in this buildings history. I did some research and could not track down an age of the building or what its original purpose was, however if I had to guess I would say it originally was a blacksmith shop or even a carriage maker due to the architecture of the building. Now I have seen many old liveries (stable) with similar styling, but for the most part liveries were found in cities and near hotels for guests to stable their horses.

This old run down derelict building is very beautiful and has so much heritage and charm, It would be wonderful if someone rescued it from its inevitable fate and did a full restoration, its pretty far gone and the reality is most likely will be torn down once it is deemed a hazard. You can find the location of this old abandoned blacksmith shop located in Bervie Ontario on our Abandoned Places in Ontario Map.

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