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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Submarines



Here is a really cool HD video of abandoned submarines. Some of the abandoned subs are wrecks and some that have been decommissioned and are decaying in a submarine graveyard.


These lost and forgotten abandoned submarines are haunting and massive. When out of water they really have an eerie feel to them.

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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Ship in Jordan’s Harbour



Here is a beautiful aerial view of an old abandoned boat “La Grande Hermine” in Jordan’s Harbour along the QEW near Niagara Falls Ontario. This old ship was built in 1910 in Quebec and started out as a ferry along the St. Lawrence. It was also used as a cargo ship for many years. Later in its career it was converted to a floating restaurant. In 1991 it was sold and converted into a replica ship as the largest of 3 ships French Explorer Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River. The old ship came to Jordan’s Harbour in 1997 after a new owner had dreams of towing it closer to Niagara falls and once again converting to a floating restaurant or casino. The owner died before necessary funding or permits could be obtained. In 2003 arsonists set fire to the old tired ship, sealing its fate. It is still quite a popular attraction as many come to photograph the old abandoned ship. A well know landmark when travelling to and from Niagara Falls.

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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Ships



 MS World Discoverer

MS World Discoverer (1)

The German built ship MS World Discoverer had a relatively trouble free 25 year run mainly cruising the south pacific.

MS World Discoverer (4)

On April 30th of 2000 at about 4 PM, the World Discoverer was sailing through the Sandfly Passage in the Solomon Islands when she struck an uncharted rock or reef.

MS World Discoverer (3)

The Captain was able to get the massive ship to the shallow Roderick Bay in the Florida Islands, where all aboard were evacuated safely.

MS World Discoverer (2)

The ship now sits rusting as a monument to what could have been a tragic event. There are no plans to remove it and may just remain there for all of eternity or until it is reclaimed by the environment over the coming centuries.


TSS Duke of Lancaster

TSS Duke of Lancaster Abandoned Ship (1)

The TSS Duke of Lancaster was launched in 1956 and now lays abandon and rotting.

TSS Duke of Lancaster Abandoned Ship (2)

This massive ship was built at the Belfast shipyards of Harland & Wolff the same shipyard where the RMS Titanic was constructed almost a half-century earlier.

TSS Duke of Lancaster Abandoned Ship (3)

This mighty ship could carry 1800 passengers and operated as a ferry on the Heysham-Belfast route and as a cruise ship calling at a variety of European ports from Spain to Norway for almost two decades.

TSS Duke of Lancaster Abandoned Ship (4)

The aging ship was retired from service in 1978 and now sits land locked at its current location.

TSS Duke of Lancaster Abandoned Ship (5)

There is still some beauty in the old rusting ship and in recent years it has become an art gallery of sorts, many come to look at the colourful graffiti artwork.



SS America

SS America (8) Ship Wreck

The ocean liner SS America was launched on August 31st, 1939 and the 1,202-passenger liner went on to have a 54 year career before disaster struck.

SS America (5) Ship Wreck

During World War II it was commissioned as a naval boat and was able to transport 7678 soldiers. It was fitted with anti-aircraft guns and four 5’ guns.

SS America (5) Ship Wreck

This ship was sold in 1993 to owners who planned on refitting the ship and making it into a 5 star hotel and having it permanently moored in Thailand. Mother Nature did not allow that to happen

SS America (6) Ship Wreck

On New Year’s Eve 1993 the massive ship left a port in Greece under tow to its new home, bad weather cause the tow line to snap and it was set adrift. It ran aground January 18.

SS America (7) Ship Wreck

After only 2 days of waves battering the large vessel, it split into 2. The back half of colossal ship collapsed into the ocean.

SS America (9) Ship Wreck

Over the years the ocean is slowing claiming what’s left.  As of 2014, the remains of the ship are only visible during low tide.



Dimitrios Abandoned Ship


Dimitrios Abandoned Ship Wreck (1)

Dimitrios was a 67 meter cargo ship build in 1950

Dimitrios Abandoned Ship Wreck (2)

In 1981 the ship was deemed unsafe and was anchored off shore until it was decided what to do with it.

Dimitrios Abandoned Ship Wreck (3)

Bad weather broke the anchor and it was swept out to sea and eventually stranded at its current location on the beach of Valtaki.



Panagiotis Ship Wreck


Navagio Beach and Shipwreck of the Panagiotis at 'Smugglers Cove' Zakynthos

The Panagiotis is a shipwreck lying in the white sands of an exposed cove on the coast of Zakynthos (Zante), one of the many islands of Greece.

Panagiotis Shipwreck (4)

The spot where she lies is called Navagio (“Shipwreck”) and is a popular tourist attraction with thousands of visitors each year.

Panagiotis Shipwreck (3)

She was built in Scotland in 1937 and wrecked in 1980, probably while carrying contraband cigarettes and being chased by the Greek Navy.

Panagiotis Shipwreck (1)

Mother Nature is slowly reclaiming her.

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