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Abandoned Canada is a website for those who love to explore and discover the beauty and history in abandoned buildings and man made structures. We are working hard to build the largest database of abandoned places in Ontario with locations that are public and free for everyone to use. We hope this will become a community effort where users who use the map will also contribute new locations. We have made it easy for registered users to add new waypoints and GPS locations to the map.

Urban exploring is fun and rewarding hobby were you can learn about history and discover hidden gems right in your own back yard. This site is fairly new and content is limited so far,  check back often as I will be uploading videos and photos of my urban exploring excursions. We have also build an interactive map of abandoned locations in Ontario to help urban explores find new and exciting places to explore and photograph

Not all the buildings and places I will be posting will be abandoned, some may just be a really cool old building or have some historical importance that I feel like sharing.


My home base is in London Ontario.

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