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1) This website and information contained with in is for archival, record keeping, research, preservation and educational purposes only. We do not condone or promote trespassing on private property.

2) Do not visit any place or locations we list on our map or any page on our site as they may be dangerous or private property. We only post general locations for record keeping. Some of the locations listed may or may not be dangerous in location and or condition. Trying to get to, or enter one of these locations could cause harm. Its best just to enjoy photography that is provided. If you do visit any locations listed on this site or maps within this site you so at your own risk. The owners, publishers and authors are in no way liable for injury or legal troubles that could arise.

3) Entering private property is a crime and can result in fines, criminal charges or worse. Only enter private property if you have the consent of the owner. Its your responsibility to find out if property is private or public.

4) We try and keep the locations on our map as accurate as possible. There may be errors in GPS locations and map markers In addition sometimes abandoned building are demolished and no longer exist. Please contact us if you find a location not to be in the right place or the place no longer exists. In addition some houses or buildings although labelled abandoned may still be occupied. Even though a location or building is labelled abandoned, the structures and property are still owned by some one or some organization.

Bottom line, unless your have permission from the owner, do not trespass on other peoples private property. There are many public historical sites and parks that are safe to explore. Its up to you to educate yourself and research what property is public and what is private.


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