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Ontario Abandoned Places – Alma College



As an Urban Explorer there are many abandoned places in Ontario to explore. On this trip we headed out to the site of the old Alma College in St. Thomas to see the ruins and what is left on the property.

Construction on Alma College started 1878 and it opened 3 years later in 1881. The school was closed in 1988 party due to a teachers strike at the time and it was abandoned shorty there after. Over the next two decade due to neglect and vandalism it was in a severe state of decay, this made it popular destination for urban explorers in Ontario. Because of its deteriorated look it was used in 2 popular movies “Orphan”  and “Silent Hill”.

Sadly the college burned down in 2008 form arson. Two teenage boys were charge and convicted. There is still much to see at the location, including the chapel and music hall that were saved from the flames. There are mountains of rubble still at the site. Another interesting feature that is still visible an left untouched is the amphitheatre that was built into the ravine behind the college. It is very over-grown but you can still make out where the rows were carved in the ground. I really recommend a trip to explore this location, I assume in the near future the site will be cleared for new development.

Here is an urban exploring video tour of the Alma College ruins.

The location of Alma College Ruins can be view on our Ontario Abandoned Places Database Page.

Abandoned Churches

Abandoned Schoolhouse



On a recent exploration, we came across this very weathered abandoned schoolhouse or possibly and old church in Langton Ontario. It was a beautiful shade of red which really added to its charm. One can’t help but wonder how many children learned to read and white in this old decaying building. It definitely takes you back to a simpler time. This building looks as though it is located on private property owned by a business next door. Some times I will ask permission to go and explore a little deeper inside, but unfortunately the business was closed and the property is all fenced in. Maybe next time I am threw the area I will pop in and see if they will let me phonograph the inside.

The location to this old abandoned schoolhouse can be found on our Abandoned Locations Page.

Abandoned Schoolhouse (1) Abandoned Schoolhouse (2) Abandoned Schoolhouse (3)

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