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How to Submit Photos and Locations

If you would like to submit photos of abandoned places in Ontario to be published on our site or would like to submit locations of heritage and abandoned places to be publish on our map, please contact us via the contact tab at the top of the page. We will respond promptly with instructions on how to submit locations and photo content. You will be credited with any contributions you make.

Additionally you can submit locations easily via our online map.

How to submit a location marker:

First you will need to log in or register an account if you have not already done so. If your are registering you will receive and email with your password, this can be changed after by logging into your profile. If your “welcome email” doesn’t show up, check your spam folder. Once logged in, head over to the map page you will now be able to drop markers onto the map. Once you have placed a marker you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see data fields were you can now enter the details of the marker you just placed (name, photo, description, ect.) When all fields are filled out, simply submit the location and a moderator will review and publish the location.

Hint: Its best to zoom the map to the area before placing a marker to make it as accurate as possible. If you place it in the wrong spot the marker can be dragged. If you accidentally place a marker, just refresh the page and all data will be cleared.

Rules and Terms of Use

We don’t have many, but the few we do are important.

  1. Please add a photo with your submission (Your Own) It helps users decide if the location is of interest to them. Please make sure its no bigger that 700px wide, the system will do the rest. If you don’t have a photo just leave it blank. The moderators may add one later
  2. Accuracy is a must. This is the most important guideline. Please make sure the marker is in the exact location. I find it helps if you switch the view to “satellite” and zoom in until you see the building then place the location marker.
  3. Keep description short. There is limited room in the infobox so please keep it to a few sentences. This will help people on mobile devices.
  4. All locations added will be publicly viewable by everyone

ABUSE: if malicious users just add random markers to try and cause trouble. Your IP address will be blacklisted and you will no longer have access to this site.

That’s about it. If your not sure how to add the location or run into problems, contact me via the Contact Form at the top of the page or on our Facebook page.


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